Website 2.0

We’re back, folks! Welcome to a newly-revamped!

It’s been a while since the first iteration of the website was updated. And by “updated” I mean “existed.” We had problems with the webpage yielding pop-up ads when it was not supposed to and the site being taken down entirely at some point. Stuff my webmaster knew how to handle way better than I. After having no luck with restoration, we decided to restart from the ground-up.

I hope you find the new version of the site more user-friendly and accessible. And in a year from now, more consistently updated as well. I hope to put out at least a couple posts a month, be they updates about projects or more general discussion. Now to address a couple things several of you may be wondering about…

  1. Knightrise: Part 13 will be releasing very soon. I make progress on it in batches and spurts when I can. The end result will be worth the wait. Again, the finale is action-packed which means production takes longer than usual. Oh, and did I mention it’s over 15 minutes long?
  2. Filler Street: The first episode will release after the finale of Knightrise. The idea is to release new episodes on the first and third Friday of every month, except when other videos are launched in place of this. The first episode will likely be an exception to this rule.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned, because we have a heck of a year ahead of us. I appreciate your continued support and sincerely hope you enjoy our content in the years to come.