March Update: Switching to a Schedule

Hey all, mysteriouspi here! Today sees the start of monthly update posts on the site, which I intend to post on the second Friday of each month. Speaking of which…

Starstreak Media is adopting a new video upload schedule. Starting this month, a new video will be posted on the first and third Friday of each month. That’s up to 24 videos per year. Yikes! The last time I tried something like this was in 2014, with the goal of one video per month. Even that “meager” goal was unmet in the second half of the year. So what’s the difference now? How are we going to pull off twice that schedule successfully?

The difference is Filler Street. The new series will account for most of our content in 2017 and 2018, possibly longer if it continues to receive positive reception. If you aren’t aware, Filler Street is a semi-connected series of comedic shorts. While many episodes will stand alone on their own, there will be an overarching storyline. I intend to make a post dedicated to Filler Street in the future to further explain the purpose of the series.

Sometimes you will see Filler Street twice a month, but not always. For instance, when Knightrise Part 13 releases, it will release in place of a Filler Street episode.

Now for the obvious question, “when will Knightrise Part 13 release?” I’m working very hard to bring you a good finale instead of a rushed one, so I have no release date to give you. All I can say is “a first or third Friday in the near future.” It’s coming. For those of you who have enjoyed Knightrise thus far, it will be worth the wait.