Bringing a journey to a close

After seven and a half years of development, Knightrise finally stands complete.

Here’s a short development timeline for anyone curious.

  • 2009: I wrote the original 45-page screenplay in six days and spent the next year revising it heavily, nearly doubling the length and dramatically improving the quality.
  • 2010: Most of the voice lines were obtained from friends generously willing to donate their time and talent.
  • 2011-2012: Knightrise entered production and editing after the release of Last Stand early in the year.
  • 2013: Parts 1-3 were completed and released.
  • 2014: Parts 4 and 5 were completed and released.
  • 2015: Parts 6-10 were completed and released.
  • 2016: Parts 11 and 12 were completed and released.
  • 2017: Part 13 was completed and released, bringing production and editing to a close.

If the timeline doesn’t make this obvious, progress was slooooow. Of course I had the rest of my life to attend to, but devoting more of my free time to Knightrise would have seen the film completed years earlier. Potentially as soon as 2013 or 2014 had I been more diligent.

Importantly, I finished it in the first place. This is huge and I am in debt to everyone who contributed, subscribed, watched, enjoyed, and encouraged me to keep working. Knightrise has been a project almost as long as I’ve had my YouTube channel and it’s wonderful to finally bring it to a close and share the finished product with you all. I sincerely hope you enjoyed watching it near as much as I enjoyed filming it.

Until next time,