August 2018: What do you mean it’s not January 2017?

Look over there, it’s that thing that happens to 99% of people. You know, that thing where they say they’re going to do a bunch of stuff but it doesn’t pan out for one reason or another (usually multiple) and it’s not even the first time this has happened.

The past year has been relatively rough for me. Nothing tragic or anything, but a lot of my personal struggles, many of which I was outright ignoring, have come to light. I’ve done a lot of self-discovery and have focused on improving myself these past months. It’s helped a lot and I’m thankful for those who have supported me through it then and now.

This is the main reason behind my inactivity thus far this year. Didn’t capture a single frame for months. My lack of motivation to do—well, anything—was even affecting my film projects. Again I’m getting a lot better, but there will always be room for progress.

Do I want to tell you I’ll publish 2 videos every month in 2019? Absolutely. Can I guarantee it’ll happen? Not right now. The good news is that I’m currently way more than on track to deliver just that; progress has been awesome. But I’ll have to stay diligent to make this a reality. No more grandiose claims until I can 90% back them up.

…ok, just one grandiose claim: the waiting will be worthwhile. Filler Street isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s still enjoyable. That short I mentioned in October 2017 is 99.9% done (for real!) and will be coming in February 2019. Right now I think it’s my best film yet. And of course, there’s another project in the works that won’t see the light of day for years. But oh am I excited to reveal it.

Thanks for hanging in there.