THAC XVI: The Brickfilming Sprint

The Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest (THAC) has a long history—so long that this January saw the 16th such event. It’s exactly what it sounds like: participants have the same 24 consecutive hours to write, build for, film, voice, edit, score, and publish their brickfilms.

Despite this history, I had never attempted THAC in previous years. One of my goals this year is to interact more with the brickfilming community, so I preemptively set aside the 24 hours, woke up way too early in the morning, and proceeded to produce the day away.


It was a ton of fun. Not just the project itself, but checking in on other participants on the forums and Twitter to see their progress (and their likewise-deteriorating mental states). It was a sprint, but rather than anyone trying to pull ahead of everyone else, we were all merely trying and helping each other reach the finish line.

It was also taxing. Limiting yourself to a 1-2 minute film with only a couple set pieces is the best idea, so naturally I wrote a 3-minute film with 4 different sets. I only started animation over 6 hours in and with only half the sets built and felt like I was falling behind, but pushed through and got everything built and filmed. By 20 hours in the caffeine I consumed to stay awake left me shaky (unfortunate because I was still animating a final scene). By 23 hours in I was rendering the final product but was falling asleep at my desk. With only 16 minutes left I submitted my film, waited until the deadline to make sure everything went smoothly, then jumped into bed to scavenge what sleep I could.

THAC XVI was awesome, and finally interacting with the brickfilm community at large was a great experience. You’ll definitely see me hanging around BricksInMotion more, something I now realize I should have been doing for years.

Next update will be in February. Until then, look out for Filler Street Episodes 3 and 4, and an awesome new short film after…


Owner of Starstreak Media

January 2019: We’re Back, Baby!

It’s like those multiple other times I said Starstreak Media would relaunch, except it’s actually happening. But of course it’s early in the year and only one video is up yet. So what’s the difference this time?

There’s actual material ready. Lots of videos and lots of WIP videos. Of course that raises another question: why make you wait? Why not release the currently ready videos now?

My major goal for Starstreak Media this year is to build momentum: I really want to try a regular upload schedule for once. In general it’s a better growth strategy than releasing videos sporadically, and I want to see where that takes us this year. I’m starting with a video each week (yikes) for a while and will eventually transition to 2/month once 1/week is no longer feasible. Videos will release Fridays 2:00 PM EST, and only on the first and third Friday of each month once uploads slow down. I’m “guaranteeing” (outside of something catastrophic happening) 1/week videos through March. Whether that will continue past this depends on how many videos I have ready and my rate of production during the first quarter of this year.

So what can you look forward to in the coming weeks?

  • Jan 4: New channel trailer (already online, check it out below!)
  • Jan 11: My THAC XVI entry, made in only 24 hours
  • Jan 18: Filler Street Episode 3
  • Jan 25: Filler Street Episode 4
  • Feb 1: A brand-new short film (teased in the new channel trailer…)

I’m very excited about the last of these as I believe it’s my best work yet. Hope that gets you anywhere near as excited as I am! See you again soon,