January 2020: The Year(s) Ahead

So we’re in a new decade, I guess. That’s cool.

I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, so let me recap where Starstreak Media is at now compared to September.

General: It took a lot longer than I expected to get filming back underway. The new filming table and other furniture took a while to come in, and I had lots of organization to do before making use of it. I finally began filming again in mid-September. I’ve done some post-production here and there as well after upgrading my computer in October, but not as much as I would have liked to.

YouTube and COPPA: Given the nature of my content, I set Starstreak Media’s YouTube channel to “made for kids” even though I don’t specifically write for an audience under 13 years of age. This means I’ll lose comments, some degree of discoverability, and much of my already-meager revenue in the coming days. To make up for the second of these I’m posting most of my films on Bricks in Motion, where they can be commented on in the forums if anyone chooses to do so. These are unfortunate changes, though, and I hope YouTube works hard to improve the platform for “made for kids” creators this year.

Unsorted and The Upgrade-O-Matic: Released October 4 and December 6, respectively. Neither was a demanding project, so they didn’t take too many resources away from other plans. Just fun little shorts to carry Starstreak Media into 2020.

Filler Street: Dead in the water. There was way too much work left to do for a project far below my current standards. I wasn’t enjoying working on it either. For what I initially envisioned to fill space between more serious projects, it was taking too much time and effort. I would rather those resources go to films I care about more.

THAC XVII: I’m excited to say I’ll be participating in the Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest again this year. My goal is to get a good night of sleep, so I’ll be trying to avoid a time-consuming entry like three-minute Seeking the Surface from last year (which was submitted in the final hour of the competition, haha).

The Last Mecha: Filming was completed October 2 and the film has been in post-production since. Visual effects are complete but I have yet to start work on sound design. The plan has been to publish the teaser trailer in February and the film itself in March, but these could be pushed back depending on how much work I get done (or rather, don’t get done) in the next two months. I am excited to complete it and show it off, though.

2021 Short Film: We’re playing the long game. I began filming my next big short on November 9. Only one scene has been shot so far, but it’s a long scene that comprises a significant portion of the film. Ideally filming will be complete by the end of April, but May or June are more realistic completion windows. I’m targeting this one for release in February 2021. Unlike other projects, this release window is immovable and I need to do my best to hit it. The why of this will become clear when the film is revealed…

Feature Film 2: We’re playing the longer game. Filming of Feature Film 2 has been underway since October 16…sort of. Multiple shorts precede Feature Film 2 and are what I’ve actually been filming (currently working on the third of four), but they’re still part of the Feature Film 2 project. The vast majority of work on Feature Film 2 will begin once those four shorts and Short Film 2021 are done being filmed. Right now I have no release window and won’t have one for a long time. I’m not going to do what I did with Knightrise and promise date after date that I can’t stick to. But it will be worth the wait.

That’s everything. Looking back on 2019 for just a moment, I’m easily most proud of The Dust of Ormiin. It set a new standard for my projects, one I hope to meet or exceed with The Last Mecha and following projects. But until those release, it’s back to work for me. Same shooting, different decade.


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