February 2020: I will not juggle

“Keep it simple, stupid.”

Probably should have written this a little sooner in the month, but too late for that! Here are some updates on Starstreak Media and our projects.

THAC XVII: I did not meet my goal of not staying up late for the Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest, but did produce a much shorter entry than last year, one I like better than the first. Watch it above!

COPPA: It’s been six weeks or so since the COPPA changes took hold on YouTube and my channel. So where are we at?

  • Comments are gone. 😦 Fortunately I saved almost all of them before they were purged from YouTube.
  • Revenue has plummeted (from a measly amount to even less; I wasn’t making my living off YouTube in the first place!).
  • Viewership is holding steady.
  • Subscriber gain has improved: it was caught in a slump for a while, where I ended up with a net loss of 30 subscribers over three months. By what I assume is coincidence, it recovered to a normal 50-100 subscribers gained per month around the same time as the COPPA changes.

The Last Mecha: Progress has been a little slow, unfortunately. I don’t enjoy sound design as much my other animation duties, but it has been taking a lot longer than initially expected because I’m not willing to half-heart it. I want it to sound good; at least better than my previous work. After that I still have to compose some amount of music for it. The release date has turned into “when it’s done;”hopefully April or May? If I weren’t filming so much I’d have more time, but…

2021 Short Film: I’m now on the third setpiece of the film, filming my fourth scene. It’s a pretty short one so shouldn’t take long, but I have two more scenes to do on this set before building the fourth.

Feature Film 2: I did finish filming the third of those preceding short films I mentioned in the January update. However, I think I’m going to prioritize The Last Mecha and the 2021 short film for now. There’s little sense juggling too many projects at once, except at the rare times it is advantageous to do so. Right now is not that time; finishing those two shorts will give me the momentum needed to jump into Feature Film 2 when the time is right. Rather optimistically, I’m trying to make that August…


Starstreak Media

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