What is Knightrise about?

Ar-Ren Tern is one of the last Jedi to be knighted before the dawn of the Galactic Empire. In his attempt to escape Operation Knightfall—Darth Vader’s swift attack on the Jedi Temple—Ar-Ren loses everything he once held dear. He believes God has abandoned him by allowing his friends to die. And his escape leaves him facing a twisted future that he is totally unprepared for. The young Jedi  must conquer his own anger and fear, or succumb to them…


Why is God in this story?

Knightrise is set in an alternate version of the Star Wars universe. Everything is the same as you would expect, except that the Jedi discovered God through the Force. They believe that the Force is a gift from God and manipulate it according to His will. The Sith, on the other hand, use the Force for more devious purposes.

When writing Knightrise, I wanted the film to reflect Christian struggles and values. While I could have done this in a more subtle fashion, a more direct approach is what I ended up choosing. Setting Knightrise in an alternate universe also removed the heavy restraint to conform exactly to established canon.


What Star Wars canon is Knightrise design around?

When I wrote and began producing on Knightrise, Disney had not yet purchased the rights to Star Wars. Therefore, Knightrise is based on Legends canon (the films and the Expanded Universe) rather than Disney canon (the films as well as all new media released since the purchase). For a casual viewing experience, this makes little difference.


Why is there no official Star Wars music?

The official music is copyrighted material. Knightrise therefore uses music by other creators through Creative Commons licenses.


Will you make a sequel to Knightrise?

Knightrise will not have a sequel or any other related story. There are other stories I want to develop with my own scenarios. As much fun as Knightrise was to produce, I do not intend to use external IPs in the future for many reasons.