What is Last Stand about?

Last Stand is about a soldier who is saved from death by a search-and-rescue team. He befriends the captain of the team and joins the squadron. When the commander is kidnapped, the soldier must choose between following his orders and saving his new friend.

Where did you get the figures and weapons?

The figures are from the retired LEGO set #7595 Army Men on Patrol. I purchased four of these to have enough figures for the film. The set is no longer available from major retail outlets, but you can find it on the aftermarket.

The weapons were made by Brickarms, which specializes in producing minifigure-compatible weapons. They are not official LEGO parts but offer a lot more detail than would be otherwise achieved. Most of the weapons in the film are no longer available for sale.

Why are the good guys green?

When making this film, I took inspiration from stop motion videos made with classic Army Men figures. Because of this, I decided to keep the protagonist and his allies entirely green instead of swapping out the heads and hands for “normal” skin tones.

Why does no one speak in the film?

  1. At the time, I did not feel up to the task of writing dialogue for a military film.
  2. I wanted to challenge myself to deliver exposition without dialogue. It seems to have been mostly successful.
  3. During production of Last Stand, I was already recording voice lines for Knightrise from many people. I did not want to burden anyone (including myself) further by asking for more voice work.

Can you provide instructions for the helicopter or anything else?

Unfortunately, I never documented how I built anything for the film. Everything has been disassembled since production ended yeas ago. So I can not provide instructions. However, feel free to try replicating my designs or create your own vehicles and structures in a similar style. That’s the beauty of LEGO.

Will you make a sequel to Last Stand?

Maybe one day. You never know!